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Magnetic Equipment


Wet and dry drum magnetic separators low and medium intensity

wetDrumSeparatorLow intensity wet magnetic drum separators for recovery of magnetite or ferrosilicon in dense media separation plants counter current style with 600 mm or 900 mm diameter drums. Low intensity wet magnetic drum separators for upgrading magnetite ores counter current and semi-counter current style with 1200 mm diameter drums. Medium intensity wet magnetic drum separators for upgrading of martite ores counter current style with 600 mm and 900 mm diameter drums.


drum1    drum2


Demagnetising coils



For demagnetisation of magnetite or ferrosilicon recovered on wet drum Magnetic separators. Three standard sizes for HDPE pipes 102, 152 and 212 diameter.


High gradient Wet magnetic separators

Dalishen DLS : High gradient wet magnetic separator for concentration of metallic ores such as hematite, ilmenite , limonite etc.

Dalishen DLDS : High gradient wet magnetic separators for purification (removal of iron & titanium) from non-metallic minerals such as feldspar, fluorite, kaolin, nepheline-syenite, sillimanite, spodumene, quartz.


dls-whims     dlsd 
Dalishen DLS   Dalishen DLDS


Belt Magnets

ANS   ANS manual or automatic cleaning self air cooled electromagnets for troughing idler belts 600mm up to 2400mm.
Fe-PM   Fe PM manual or automatic cleaning permanent magnets for troughing idler belts 450mm up to 1200mm.


Magnetic pulleys


Permanent or electromagnet type - can be supplied as a short belt conveyor

pull1   pull2   pull3
Magnetic Head Pulley Small - Isolated      


Sort House Permrolls

permroll-2-009   modular high security type for removal of magnetic minerals from diamond DMS concentrates.


More Magnetic Equipment

- DC power supplies (transformer rectifiers)

- Eddy current separators

- Chute and grate magnets

- Permroll magnetic separators with ferrite or rare earth permanent magnets