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Fine Screens

Vibrating Sieves

The Cuccolini product line is one of the world’s most popular screening machines with 2,500 vibrating sieves being produced out of our Italian factory each year. These circular screeners are FDA (Food) and ATEX (explosive) compliant and service the needs of more than 65 different industries ranging from food, pharma, metal powders through to recycling, ceramic, aggregate and mining.

The single-frequency technology serves the needs of all standard separation requirements and offers high capacity and efficiency with mesh size ranging from 10mm down to 25 micron for fine particle separation. The Cuccolini product line is diverse in its range, size and application. It is offered with multiple or single decks and additional cleaning devices can be added to the main body of the machine, including balls and ultra-sonic systems.

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Multi Frequency Sieves

The ScreenX product line is Virto Group’s flagship revolutionary vibrating sieve technology. It consistently outperforms other screening brands in its ability to significantly increase capacity and efficiency (over 99% purity of particle size) for problematic materials that are wet, sticky, abrasive or fine.

The ScreenX line of vibrating sieves utilise our patent protected MFVexcite multi-frequency technology that converts single-frequency oscillations into multi-frequency movement. As a result, the acceleration that is transmitted to the mesh reaches 500G as opposed to the 5G delivered by traditional screeners. The advantages that ScreenX equipment provides over traditional single-frequency machines include:

  • significant increase of screening capacity and efficiency (up to 99% particle size purity) for previously impossible or difficult to screen materials (eg; sticky, wet, fine or abrasive materials);
  • significant reduction/eradication of waste;
  • reduction of energy consumption;
  • creation of new revenue streams;
  • increase of screen mesh lifetime, and more.

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Tumbler Screeners

tsA Tumbler Screener is a screening machine used for de-dusting, fine (>100 microns) and granular dry materials. It achieves high capacity/output and high efficiency separation (up to 99%) to a particle size of 20 micron for “delicate” materials for the food, pharmaceutical, metal powders and manufacturing industries.

The special tridimensional movement optimised by our engineering department makes it one of Cuccolini’s best products in the selection and dedusting of dry powders or granules. It is especially suitable for multi-stage separation of fines, lightweights and difficult to screen products. It can use mesh with an opening as small as 20 micron.

The unique tri-dimensional movement of a Tumbler literally tumbles the material and sieves it and, apart from its efficiency and capacity, the advantages it holds over standard sieves are:

  • a Tumbler has an increased mesh lifetime (500% – 1,000%);
  • less aggressive in the separation process which reduces particle destruction for fragile materials; and,
  • are adjustable based on acceleration (RPM) and the angling of the equipment to maximize the rolling movement of the material and the ability to reduce the output of the oversize to increase screening time.


  • Aggregate Screening
  • Plant Engineering Screeners
  • Recycling & Waste Screener
  • Paper & Pulp Screening
  • Pharmaceutical Sieves
  • Oil & Mining Screeners
  • Metal Powder Screener
  • Food (FDA) Screener
  • Construction Screener
  • Chemical Screener
  • Coal Screener
  • Cuccolini Ceramic Sieve