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   STANDARD applications   
UNIFLEX Advanced
mono easytrax uniflex unitubes covertrax  
  • Simple single piece chain links design with either non-opening or hinged opening crossbars
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Compact design for operation in tight spaces
  • Mounting brackets with integrated strain relief
  • Very fast cable installation by simply drawing the cables into the carrier
  • Very high cavity utilization due to innovative forward flexing crossbar design
  • Reinforced sideband for added strength
  • Extensive long unsupported lengths
  • Very quiet – integrated noise dampening system
  • Allows for high travel speeds
  • Noise-optimised for quiet operation
  • Designs with inward or outward opening or non-opening crossbars available
  • Crossbars fast and easy to open due to ball joint
  • hinge mechanism Dividers movable or fixed in place
  • Long unsupported lengths
  • Various cavity partitioning options for the cables
  • Easy to open
  • Robust, double stroke systems for long unsupported lengths
  • Particularly high torsional rigidity
  • Mounting brackets with integrated strain relief
  • Economically priced standard types
  • Superior cable protection
  • Quick cable installation design options with inward or outward opening crossbars
  • Very quiet due to integrated noise-dampening system
  • Large unsupported lengths
  • High-quality visually appealing design
  • Ideal for unsupported and long travel gliding arrangements


   ADVANCED applications   
M / MT Series
TKP / TKC Series
XL / XLT Series
master m-mtseries tkp-tkcseries xl-xltseries quantum  tkrseries
  • Light Design with weight-optimised sideband construction
  • Excellent ratio of inside to outside height
  • Customized bend radii are available
  • Plastic covers available
  • The robust and versatile all-rounder
  • Various separation options
  • Large selection of frame stay systems
  • Ideal for fast, gliding applications: Replaceable glide shoes made highly wear-resistant special plastic material
  • Plastic or aluminium covers available
  • Robust design, also suitable for heavy additional loads
  • Plastic covers and plastic crossbars
  • Replaceable glide shoes made of special plastic material with very low friction-coefficient for gliding applications
  • Various separation options
  • Large dimensions for cables with large cable diameter
  • For unsupported and gliding applications
  • Replaceable glide shoes made of highly wear-resistant special plastic material extend system life in long-travel, gliding applications
  • Aluminium cover available
  • Suitable for clean room environments
  • Allows for high acceleration and high travel speeds
  • Long service life - no link pins to wear out
  • Flexible design for 3D movement: can accept lateral as well as twisting movements of +-30 degrees
  • Linkless design: sidebands made of extruded material
  • Extremely quiet and low-vibration operation
  • Long service life
  • Ideal for highly dynamic applications
  • High lateral stability
  • Suitable for clean room environments
  • Modular design allows easy lengthening and shorting of system length


   EXTREME applications   
LS/LSX Series
S/SX Series
UNIFLEX Advanced
ls-lsxseries s-sxseries conduflex mobiflex    
  • Improved dynamic characteristics due to weight-optimized design
  • Long unsupported lengths for small to medium additional loads
  • Cover with steel band for optimum cable protection available on request
  • Extremely robust and heavy-duty steel chains for large mechanical loads and harsh environmental conditions
  • Very long unsupported lengths even for heavy additional loads
  • Various types in different dimensions
  • Enclosed tube design
  • Optional protective guards for added hot chip protection
  • Should the carrier incur incidental damage, sections can easily be replaced
  • Carrier length can be easily modified at a later date
  • TÜV type approved in accordance with 2 PfG 1036/10/.97
  • Enclosed tube type
  • Ideal in hot metal chip environments
  • Unsupported lengths are achieved through inserted, pre tensioned steel band




   3D applications - ROBOTRAX Accessories  
Impact Protection
Tension chucking device
LineFix saddle-type clamps for strain relief
Active pull back mechanism
Quick-opening bracket on a swivel base
Quick-opening bracket on a flexible spring extension
robotrax-1 robotrax-2 robotrax-3 robotrax-4 robotrax-5 robotrax-6

When a robot is in motion, ROBOTRAX may come in hard contact with parts of the robot. To soften the impact, use link protection parts. These parts are made of elastomer plastic and can easily be installed to every link using a cable tie

Makes setting the steel wire to the required tension quick and easy and can be re-adjusted at any time.

For secure and gentle cable installation. Multilayer strain relief with double and triple clamps available. Mutiple systems can also be mounted one behind the other.

Rapid, repetitive movements of relatively long cable carrier systems in large operating envelopes, constantly hitting the robot arm, are to blame for reducing the service life of the carrier and installed cables. This can lead to a failure of the overall robotic system with expensive downtime and production outages - system failure must be prevented.

The swivel base option allows the mounting bracket to swivel at the attachment points to accommodate more complex robot movements

The flexible spring extension allows ROBOTRAX brackets to be mounted away from the machine and the ability to flex in all directions for three dimensional movement.